Top 6  Learnings From  REWORK  by Jason Fried and David Hansson 

As an entrepreneur, if you are assigning any work to anyone, clearly define your expectations in terms of time period you wanna get it done.

Meetings don't drive the company forward. Instead workshop where we brainstorm over the product, & generate, ideas is productive. 

After Covid every plan was destroyed. So, instead of pouring all your time into planning, devote it to execution. To solidify your plan don't make a better plan, instead focus on execution. 

Inspiration doesn't stay forever, so when it approaches you, you need to hit the hot iron rod with the hammer and get it done. If you feel inspired right now act at that same point. 

Saying sorry I can't do it, don't have time, won't be possible etc. means you are focused towards the things you want to do for yourself. Hence, don't afraid of saying "NO"

Your are not a Hero. You are  a Normal Person, who will make mistakes, admit them, fix them and move on.